$(\ell_{1},\ell_{2})$-RIP and Projected Back-Projection Reconstruction for Phase-Only Measurements

IEEE Signal Processing Letters

Abstract: This letter analyzes the performances of a simple reconstruction method, namely the Projected Back-Projection (PBP), for estimating the direction of a sparse signal from its phase-only (or amplitude-less) complex Gaussian random measurements, i.e., an extension of one-bit compressive sensing to the complex field. To study the performances of this algorithm, we show that complex Gaussian random matrices respect, with high probability, a variant of the Restricted Isometry Property (RIP) relating to the L1 -norm of the sparse signal measurements to their L2-norm. This property allows us to upper-bound the reconstruction error of PBP in the presence of phase noise. Monte Carlo simulations are performed to highlight the performance of our approach in this phase-only acquisition model when compared to error achieved by PBP in classical compressive sensing.