MSc Thesis Topics

Topic proposals for 2023-2024 can be found below. Please check regularly for updates.

Online classification of covariance matrices for brain-computer interfaces and multimodal signals

How to detect and classify abrupt changes in multimodal signal, such as those related to specific stimulus in an EEG recording, via the …

Fast computation schemes for rank-one projections: application to interferometric imaging

This master project aims at boosting the computational complexity of rank-one projections, a dimensionality reduction technique in data …

First order optimization methods for terahertz digital holography

The objective of master project is to propose novel first order optimization methods to solve the inverse problem posed by terahertz …

Phase retrieval for 4-D Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (4D - STEM)

Max. student(s): 1 Advisors: Laurent Jacques and Dr. Amirafshar Moshtaghpour (Rosalind Franklin Institute & Mechanical, Materials, & Aerospace Engineering, University of Liverpool, UK). Teaching Assistant: Olivier Leblanc Many applications observe a signal or an image in an indirect way, through its frequency-or Fourier-representation.

Scene reconstruction from ray tracing simulation

The objective of this master project is to study and program methods to estimate a 2D scene from emission and reception of signals …

Unsupervised compressive learning with spintronics

Max. student(s): 1 Advisors: Laurent Jacques and Flavio Abreu Araujo Teaching Assistants: Anatole Moureau and Rémi Delogne. Over the last few years, machine learning—the discipline of automatically fitting mathematical models or rules from data—revolutionized science, engineering, and our society.