Going Below and Beyond, Off-the-Grid Velocity Estimation from 1-bit Radar Measurements

Proceedings of RadarConf 2021

Abstract: In this paper we propose to bridge the gap between using extremely low resolution 1-bit measurements and estimating targets’ parameters, such as their velocities, that exist in a continuum, i.e., by performing Off-the-Grid estimation. To that end, a Continuous version of Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (COMP) is modified in order to leverage the 1-bit measurements coming from a simple Doppler Radar. Using Monte-Carlo simulations, we show that although the resolution of the acquisition is dramatically reduced, velocity estimation of multiple targets can still be achieved and reaches performances beyond classic On-the-Grid methods. Furthermore, we show empirically that adding a random and uniform dithering before the quantization is necessary when estimating more than one target.