Optical processing unit

Signal Processing with Optical Quadratic Random Sketches

Abstract: Random data sketching (or projection) is now a classical technique enabling, for instance, approximate numerical linear algebra and machine learning algorithms with reduced computational complexity and memory. In this context, the possibility of performing data processing (such as pattern detection or classification) directly in the sketched domain without accessing the original data was previously achieved for linear random sketching methods and compressive sensing.

ROP inception: signal estimation with quadratic random sketching

Abstract: Rank-one projections (ROP) of matrices and quadratic random sketching of signals support several data processing and machine learning methods, as well as recent imaging applications, such as phase retrieval or optical processing units.

ROP inception

Here is a new short preprint: “ROP inception: signal estimation with quadratic random sketching”, available here and on arXiv. This is the first work of Rémi Delogne, carried out in collaboration with Vincent Schellekens and me.