“Random Projection”

The Rare Eclipse Problem on Tiles: Quantised Embeddings of Disjoint Convex Sets

Abstract: Quantised random embeddings are an efficient dimensionality reduction technique which preserves the distances of low-complexity signals up to some controllable additive and multiplicative distortions. In this work, we instead focus on verifying when this technique preserves the separability of two disjoint closed convex sets, i.

Randomly Driven Fuzzy Key Extraction of Unclonable Images

Abstract: In this paper, we develop an adjustable Fuzzy Extractor using the Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF) obtained by a common laser engraving method to sign physical objects. In particular, a string (or helper data) is generated by XORing a binary reduction of the PUF observation with the encoding of a randomly generated key, or identifier.