Compressive Acquisition of Sparse Deflectometric Maps

Abstract: Schlieren deflectometry aims at measuring deflections of light rays from transparent objects, which is subsequently used to characterize the objects. With each location on a smooth object surface a sparse deflection map (or spectrum) is associated.

Compressive Schlieren Deflectometry

Abstract: Schlieren deflectometry aims at characterizing the deflections undergone by refracted incident light rays at any surface point of a transparent object. For smooth surfaces, each surface location is actually associated with a sparse deflection map (or spectrum).

Sparsity-driven optical deflection tomography with non-linear light ray propagation

Abstract: Optical deflection tomography based on phase-shifting Schlieren is well adapted for three-dimensional imaging of objects with large refractive index variations. We propose a reconstruction algorithm that takes into account light refraction and spatial sparsity of the sample.