“Sketched Learning”

Compressive Learning of Generative Networks

Abstract: Generative networks implicitly approximate complex densities from their sampling with impressive accuracy. However, because of the enormous scale of modern datasets, this training process is often computationally expensive. We cast generative network training into the recent framework of compressive learning: we reduce the computational burden of large-scale datasets by first harshly compressing them in a single pass as a single sketch vector.

Differentially Private Compressive K-means

Abstract: This work addresses the problem of learning from large collections of data with privacy guarantees. The sketched learning framework proposes to deal with the large scale of datasets by compressing them into a single vector of generalized random moments, from which the learning task is then performed.

Compressive Classification (Machine Learning without learning)

Abstract: Compressive learning is a framework where (so far unsupervised) learning tasks use not the entire dataset but a compressed summary (sketch) of it. We propose a compressive learning classification method, and a novel sketch function for images.