“variable density sampling”

Close Encounters of the Binary Kind: Signal Reconstruction Guarantees for Compressive Hadamard Sampling with Haar Wavelet Basis

Abstract: We investigate the problems of 1-D and 2-D signal recovery from subsampled Hadamard measurements using Haar wavelet as a sparsity inducing prior. These problems are of interest in, e.g., computational imaging applications relying on optical multiplexing or single-pixel imaging.

A Variable Density Sampling Scheme for Compressive Fourier Transform Interferometry

Abstract: Fourier Transform Interferometry (FTI) is an appealing Hyperspectral (HS) imaging modality for many applications demanding high spectral resolution, e.g., in fluorescence microscopy. However, the effective resolution of FTI is limited by the durability of biological elements when exposed to illuminating light.