“continuous wavelet transform”

Stereographic wavelet frames on the sphere

Abstract: In this paper we exploit the continuous wavelet transform (CWT) on the two-dimensional sphere S-2, introduced previously by two of us, to build associated discrete wavelet frames. We first explore half-continuous frames, i.

Wavelets on the sphere: implementation and approximations

Abstract: We continue the analysis of the continuous wavelet transform on the 2-sphere, introduced in a previous paper. After a brief review of the transform, we define and discuss the notion of directional spherical wavelet, i.

Wavelet analysis of a quasiperiodic tiling with fivefold symmetry

Abstract: We determine all (statistical) rotation-dilation symmetries of a planar quasiperiodic tiling with fivefold symmetry, with a two-dimensional continuous wavelet transform, using a modified Cauchy wavelet and the scale-angle measure. The tiling is constructed via an affine extension of the Coxeter group H-2 and its statistical symmetries were unknown.