“Sparse approximation”

Low Rank and Group-Average Sparsity Driven Convex Optimization for Direct Exoplanets Imaging

Abstract: Direct exoplanets imaging is a challenging task for two main reasons. First, the host star is several order of magnitude brighter than exoplanets. Second, the great distance between us and the star system makes the exoplanets-star angular dis- tance very small.

Sparsity Driven People Localization with a Heterogeneous Network of Cameras

Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of localizing people in low and high density crowds with a network of heterogeneous cameras. The problem is recasted as a linear inverse problem. It relies on deducing the discretized occupancy vector of people on the ground, from the noisy binary silhouettes observed as foreground pixels in each camera.

A (256*256) pixel 76.7mW CMOS imager/ compressor based on real-time in-pixel compressive sensing:

Abstract: A CMOS imager is presented which has the ability to perform localized compressive sensing on-chip. In-pixel convolutions of the sensed image with measurement matrices are computed in real time, and a proposed programmable two-dimensional scrambling technique guarantees the randomness of the coefficients used in successive observation.