Visiting professor in ENS Lyon, France

Oct 22, 2023 — Nov 4, 2023
ENS Lyon, France

From October 22nd till November 4th 2023, I was a visiting professor at the Sisyph laboratory, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (Lyon, France) invited by Nelly Pustelnik and Julián Tachella.

During this stay, on October 31st, I gave two talks,

  • in Creatis Lab, INSA, Lyon, “Interferometric Single-pixel Imaging with a Multicore Fiber” (slides)
  • in ENSLyon, “Keep the phase! Signal recovery in phase-only compressive sensing” (slides)

This visit is the first part of two scientific stays in ENS Lyon, the second being scheduled mid May 2024.

Laurent Jacques
Laurent Jacques
FNRS Senior Research Associate and Professor