Quantization and Compressive Sensing

Abstract: Quantization is an essential step in digitizing signals, and, therefore, an indispensable component of any modern acquisition system. This chapter explores the interaction of quantization and compressive sensing and examines practical quantization strategies for compressive acquisition systems.

Image modeling with nonlocal spectral graph wavelets

Remark: Chapter of the book “Image Processing and Analysing With Graphs: Theory and Practice”, Edited by O. Lézoray and L. Grady. (CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, In Press). ISBN:978-1-439-85507-2.

Compressed Sensing: When sparsity meets sampling

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How does digital cinema compress images?

Remark: Chapter of the book “Applied Signal Processing - A MATLAB-based approach”, edited by T. Dutoit and F. Marques, May 2009, Springer, MA. ISBN:978-0-387-74534-3.