Laurent Jacques

Laurent Jacques

FNRS Senior Research Associate and Professor

UCLouvain, Belgium


Laurent Jacques is Professor and FNRS Senior Research Associate at the Image and Signal Processing Group (ISPGroup), in the Mathematical engineering (INMA) department of the ICTEAM institute at UCLouvain, Belgium. His research focuses on sparse representations of signals (1-d, 2-d, sphere), compressive sensing, 1-bit and quantized compressive sensing, computational imaging, and inverse problems in optics, astronomy, and biomedical sciences.

  • Compressive Sensing
  • Computational Imaging
  • Image and Signal Processing
  • Inverse Problems in Optics, Astronomy, and Biomedical Sciences
  • PhD in Mathematical Physics, 2004

    UCLouvain, Belgium

  • MSc in Mathematical Physics, 1998

    UCLouvain, Belgium

  • BSc in Physics, 1996

    UCLouvain, Belgium


Last 3 posts …

There is time for dithering in a quantized world of reduced dimensionality!

I’m glad to announce here a new work made in collaboration with Valerio Cambareri (UCL, Belgium) on quantized embeddings of low-complexity vectors, such as the set of sparse (or compressible) signals in a certain basis/dictionary, the set of low-rank matrices or vectors living in (a union of) subspaces.

Quasi-isometric embeddings of vector sets with quantized sub-Gaussian projections

\(\newcommand{\cl}{\mathcal}\newcommand{\bb}{\mathbb}%\) Last January, I was honored to be invited in RWTH Aachen University by Holger Rauhut and Sjoerd Dirksen to give a talk on the general topic of quantized compressed sensing.

Testing a Quasi-Isometric Quantized Embedding

It took me a certain time to do it. Here is at least a first attempt to test numerically the validity of some of the results I obtained in “A Quantized Johnson Lindenstrauss Lemma: The Finding of Buffon’s Needle.